C&K Metal Recycling Price List in Moorfield, WV

C&K Metal Recycling Current Scrap Prices, Moorefield, West Virginia

We pay up to $50 in cash for your scrap metal!

Please Note: All rates are prone to change without notice. All rates given at the scale are final. We will pay an additional five cents per pound for all clean non-ferrous purchases over 100 pounds of single grade materials. We will not split weigh prepared grades. All material in a prepared load must be fully prepared. Unprepared loads are offered at the rate of the lowest grade in the load.

Batteries must be whole, free from defect and must have caps in place. We do not accept tires, fluids, cylinders which contain any kind of gas, (propane, acetylene, etc.), or refrigerators which contain Freon or refrigerant / A.C. units containing Freon. Compressed gas cylinders, (propane, oxygen etc.) must have the valves screwed out of the cylinder. If you have questions, be sure to give us a call at 304-434-2485.

Non-Ferrous ScrapPrice per lb.
Cans $0.25

Siding and Clip


Cast & Sheet (foil, pie plates)$0.30
Dirty Al. (any type)$0.10
Al. Wheels (clean)$0.55
EC Wire (clean/bare)$0.60
#1 Copper


#2 Copper$2.20
Insulated Copper (Reg)$.85
Insulated Copper (Low)$0.35
Electric Motors$0.10
Brass rads$1.00
Al/Cu rads$.85
Dirty Brass or Al/Cu rads$0.25
Wheel Weights:$0.10
Stainless: Non-magnetic$0.20
Catalytic Converter:                          
Full O.E.M.Market Value

C&K pays 5 cents per pound premium for CLEAN Non-Ferrous
items over 100 lbs. (Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Rads etc.)

Steel ScrapPrice/CwtPer/2,000 lbs
Appliances/Sheet Metal6.00120.00
Whole Cars7.00140.00
Heavy scrap7.00140.00
Prepared Scrap – 2′ x 3′8.50170.00
Gasoline Motor Blocks7.00140.00
Alum. Transmissions7.00140.00
Shearing Scrap7.00140.00

*Whole cars have at least engine & transmission